Major Ecosystem Features

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Automated High Yield Dynamic Farming

Xpowerstake is the central pivotal innovation of our DeFi ecosystem, allowing users to actively participate in network validation while earning rewards based on a unique calculated algorithm.

The dynamic integration of token-NFT synergies amplifies the staking experience, creating a dynamic high yield farming rewards system depending on NFTs owned and possesed, introducing new dimensions of value proposition for both the Xpowerstake tokens (XPST) and NFTs, combining both powers to boost user rewards.

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Swap Mechanism:
Efficient Asset Exchange

Xpowerbridge integrates a seamless and user-friendly swapping mechanism that allows users to exchange their tokens and NFTs across various supported blockchain networks.

The swapping feature ensures high liquidity and ease of transactions, enhancing the overall user experience.

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Bridge Functionality:
Multi-Chain Interoperability

Xpowerbridge offers a bridge mechanism, enabling users to seamlessly transfer their assets, including tokens and NFTs, across different blockchain networks.

This enhances interoperability, allowing users to leverage the benefits of multiple blockchains within a unified platform.

Unique Token and NFTs Features

Holders of Xpowerstake NFTs and tokens can stake their tokens in the platform to earn rewards, staking the combination of the XPST NFTs and tokens increases yield automatically using the token-NFT algorithm, according to the attributes of the NFTs possessed. These rewards are distributed in Xpowerstake tokens (XPST) based on factors like the amount staked, NFTs owned, duration etc.


Community votes to Implement a burn mechanism where a portion of tokens used in transactions or fees are permanently removed from circulation, potentially increasing scarcity.


Token holders can participate in the governance of the platform. This includes proposing and voting on protocol upgrades, fee structures, and new features.


Token holders can enjoy reduced fees, incentivizing long-term participation and engagement.


NFT holders can participate in the decentralized lottery system, offering a chance to win periodic rewards for participation.


Integrate a marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs directly within the platform.


Offer NFTs insurance assets to protect staked NFTs and borrowed assets against potential risks or vulnerabilities.


Ensure compatibility with multiple blockchain networks to widen the range of supported NFTs and assets.



Q3 2023 - Q4 2023PLANNING
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Completed Concept Development and Research, defined the our vision, goals, and target audience. Conducted thorough research on NFT market trends, user preferences, and potential competitors.

  • Assembled a team with expertise in blockchain, NFTs, design, and marketing.
  • Established strategic partnerships with artists, influencers, and NFT platforms.
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  • Launched an official website detailing the concept, team, and upcoming milestones. Created and optimized social media profiles across platforms for community engagement.
  • Launched Incentivized Testnet Activities and create engaging social media campaigns to reward early adopters.
  • Design and deploy the project's native token on a suitable blockchain. Develop and audit smart contracts.
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  • List on Coinmarketcap for project tracking
  • Organize Genesis Lottery event for lucky Genesis Mint participants
  • Launch private seed funding allowing early birds to purchase tokens at a discount.
  • Public IDO begins
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  • Listing on top 20 Exchanges
  • Distribute airdrop for eligible early users
  • Launch automated dynamic high yield farming for token and NFT holders
  • Integrate the NFT marketplace for trading of NFTs.
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  • Launch Xpowerswap and expand support for multiple blockchain networks to increase accessibility also enabling seamless NFT transfers across different chains.
  • Launch the lending, borrowing functionality using smart contracts.
  • Launch Xpowerstake Lottery Smart Contract
  • Implement NFT collateralization mechanisms for lending and borrowing.
  • Explore partnerships with DeFi platforms to integrate NFTs as collateral.
  • Audit smart contracts for the Xpowerstake ecosystem including; NFT minting, trading, and ownership management.
Q4 2024 - Q1 2025GOVERNANCE
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Launch a decentralized governance model allowing token holders to propose and vote on platform changes to foster a community-driven approach to platform evolution.

Q1 2025 - Q2 2025COMMUNITY
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Community votes to Implement strategies for long-term revenue generation and project sustainability and also explore options for token burns, staking rewards, and ecosystem expansion.

About Us

At Xpowerstake, we're on a mission to reshape the DeFi landscape. We've harnessed the power of blockchain technology to create a revolutionary ecosystem that introduces innovative solutions for enhanced token-NFT experiences, staking, swapping, lending, and even the thrill of a DeFi lottery.

Our vision is simple yet profound – to empower individuals by offering a DeFi ecosystem that's not just secure and transparent but also highly rewarding for all our users. We believe that DeFi should be accessible to everyone, and that's why we're dedicated to making our platform user-friendly and inclusive for all our users.

Team Players

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Alex Co-founder & CTO
team member

Smith Co-founder & CFO
team member

Cho Yang Blockchain Developer
team member

Victoria Marketing
team member

Wright Senior Software Developer
team member

Williams Advisor
team member

Sophie Managing Partner
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Daniels Blockchain Expert
$5,000 BNB

Join the Early Adopters, Mint a Genesis NFT and stand a chance to be among 10 lucky Genesis NFT holders to win BIG!!!


The introduction of Genesis NFTs within the Xpowerstake ecosystem gives users access to several key benefits, by integrating Genesis NFTs, Xpowerstake not only enhances user experiences but also builds an ever-evolving strong and committed community, setting the stage for sustained growth and innovation within the DEFi ecosystem. Genesis NFT Holders would gain access to these features:

  • Exclusive access to premium features, early product releases

  • Exclusive rights to initiate community proposals

  • Lottery ID to participate in monthly Lottery events

  • Collectible value for your NFTs

  • Complete Quest
    Mint a testnet NFT to qualify for Genesis Mint & Lottery Event

    Token Distribution

    Xpowerstake tokens (XPST) is a multi-chain token primarily deployed on Binance Smart Chain and Wrapped tokens would deploy on other chains upon launch. The total supply of Xpowerstake tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000), the initial circulating supply is seven hundred million (700,000,000), the rest would be locked for Community Development.

    Airdrop: 10%
    Private Sale: 5%
    Seedfunding/IDO: 10%
    Marketing: 10%
    Advisors: 2%
    Founders: 3%
    Liquidity: 30%
    Ecosystem and Community Development: 30%

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